Launchpad™ Patents is the Ultimate One-Stop patent agency for companies looking to
change their markets through technology.

Launchpad Patents—a Seattle-based, federally registered patent agency with experienced patent agents, patent attorneys, and inventors—is dedicated to identifying and protecting your inventions in the United States and around the world. We focus exclusively on building optimized patent portfolios at the most affordable price. Founded in 2011, Launchpad Patents is virtual, with practitioners distributed across the United States. This allows us to provide the highest quality patent representation by a select group of attorneys and agents but without much of the overhead carried by conventional law firms and agencies.

At Launchpad Patents, we are singularly committed to operating and managing your patent and intellectual property strategies with the same vision, skill, and focus that you use to run your business.

Launchpad Patents strives to provide:

In-house style patent management
We will represent you with an approach based on our extensive experience running progressive in-house patent groups. We will work with you to identify which technologies are important and merit patent protection. We can provide infrastructure and policy to increase invention disclosures from your technical staff, so that they can share their ideas and inventions. We can organize and lead brainstorming sessions to produce targeted inventions. We can also invent on your behalf.
Optimized prosecution
We will customize our services based on your intellectual property needs. If you need a patent to issue quickly, we will draft and prosecute to minimize time to allowance. If you need the broadest possible coverage, we will draft and prosecute to that goal. Based on the needs of your technology and your company, we will adjust our strategic and tactical recommendations.
High quality patents
We will ensure that your patents are drafted in sufficient breadth and detail to provide truly meaningful protection. We draft to modern standards of description and enablement with future-proofing via claim diversification. Our process includes a systematic review process and proofing to ensure the highest possible protection from attack.
Cost effective services
From our highly skilled network of patent agents and attorneys to our dedicated staff members, we manage each patent application by assigning tasks to appropriate team members, and we use automation whenever possible.
Timely deliverables
We are agile, and we will work with you to support your aggressive product development and marketing schedules.

What Clients Say.

  • Having dealt with Launchpad since its inception several years ago, I can say that my experience has been uniformly satisfying. This is not only because of his excellent staff but also because Chris Wiklof is knowledgeable and experienced. He understands. He's creative. He listens. And above all, he's effective. Thanks to his insightful approach, several patent applications have been allowed. One of the most important ones, dealing with energy harvesting from light and water, in the process well before I started with Chris, took heroic efforts and keen strategizing to gain allowance. I was pleased.

    Gerald H. Pollack → Professor of Bioengineering
    University of Washington

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  • I have known and worked with Chris for over 15 years. At Microvision, he was our in-house Director of Patents. Microvision won numerous awards for its patent strength and distinguished itself among much larger global enterprises. I later hired Chris and Launchpad to manage an aggressive patent strategy and timeline at ClearSign Combustion Corp. He came up the curve quickly and we executed successfully and to plan and budget. Chris is simply one of the best in the business. He is the first person I would go to when initiating any new IP related project whether it is to develop and execute a patent strategy or to evaluate one or more existing patents or patent applications.

    Rick Rutkowski → Former CEO of Microvision and ClearSign
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  • I cannot speak highly enough of Launchpad Patents! They are extremely professional and helpful in my endeavor to get a patent for my product. Chris and his staff have gone above and beyond helping me to understand the process. I feel like they treat me like they would like to be treated. That goes a long way in my book. I give Launchpad Patents an A+ grade and highly recommend them!

    Mark Ostheller → TransformaFence LLC
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  • I would recommend Launchpad Patents to anyone looking for an agency that puts the protection of their idea or invention over anything else, but is also keenly aware of the importance of communicating the often complicated step by step process of submitting the application and ultimately seeking the final patent. And it doesn't stop there. Chris is very willing to consult what he feels are the best steps to continue to build upon that initial protection, and I'll continue to seek his advice and service as we move forward with our project.

    Ted Sundquist → President - The Football Educator, LLC
    Former GM of the Denver Broncos ('02-'08)

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Launchpad Patents practices exclusively within the scope granted by our federal (USPTO) registration. An attorney candidate must agree not to engage in the practice of law outside this scope in conjunction with his or her relationship with Launchpad. Attorneys not registered to practice patent law: sorry, but we cannot provide services outside our scope of practice and likely cannot provide employment.