Ted Sundquist

As a first time patent applicant I really had no idea where to start or who to turn to. The idea had been in my head for almost twenty years, but the ability to put it down in a manner that would fully protect that IP was foreign to me. At the recommendation of another business partner, I turned to Launchpad Patents. I found they had an impeccable reputation in the business, with the background and experience I was looking for in the technology industry. My initial discussions with Chris Wiklof and his staff assured me that I was dealing with real “pros”.

I found Launchpad Patents to be very helpful every step of the way. Chris and his staff were there to answer questions and concerns about the process whenever I needed them. Again, as a first time patent applicant, there were many aspects that had to be explained more than once, but that was never a problem. Deadlines were kept, and promises met regarding budgetary requirements, and that can be unique in today’s business world dynamics.

I would recommend Launchpad Patents to anyone looking for an agency that puts the protection of their idea or invention over anything else, but is also keenly aware of the importance of communicating the often complicated step-by-step process of submitting the application and ultimately seeking the final patent. And it doesn’t stop there. Chris is very willing to consult what he feels are the best steps to continue to build upon that initial protection, and I’ll continue to seek his advice and service as we move forward with our project.

Ted Sundquist
President – The Football Educator, LLC
Former GM of the Denver Broncos (’02-’08)

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