Company Overview

Launchpad Patents is a premier patent agency that prepares, files, and prosecutes patent applications in the United States and works with our partners to represent companies abroad. Founded in 2011, our agency offers clients a representation style similar to that of a very progressive in-house patent group. We collaborate to provide leadership, mentoring, and collegial support to client inventors to develop cogent patent portfolios. It is in the DNA of Launchpad Patents to continually strive to provide excellent service to our clients and meet their needs.

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Every one of our registered practitioners, including patent attorneys and agents, has ethical responsibilities to our clients. At Launchpad Patents, we strive to advance beyond the standard limits in both our drafting and representation philosophy. We endeavor to serve our clients in their best interests — to provide them with individualized representation that meets their needs. While each case is unique and will require its own solutions and strategies, we generally make these recommendations→

The Thinker

Our Philosophy on Patent Protection

Provisional applications
Under current patent laws, substantially the entire world, including the United States, awards patent rights to the first applicant to file. In active technical fields, the filing date can be critical for establishing the inventor’s place in line. We generally recommend obtaining the earliest filing date by which an enabling disclosure can be filed. The U.S. Provisional patent application can be a valuable tool to this end.
Patent Search
We frequently recommend a patent search after a provisional application has been filed. A patent search will help you identify existing patent filings that may be relevant to your technology and can help guide our claiming strategy.
Alternative embodiments
One benefit of a patent (in addition to advancing the useful arts) is to exclude others from practicing your technology. Eventually, your competitors may find ways to duplicate, enhance, or design around your technology. Our experienced inventors can help you anticipate competitive R & D efforts so you can keep your lead in your technical field.
Robust continuation practice
The U.S. system allows inventors to file future applications that gain priority benefits from current applications. We strive to draft a detailed description of your technology that will allow us to pursue a continuation application if necessary. This practice affords us the ability to expand your portfolio as needed when a new case law emerges.
Design for cost-effective litigation
Often, a patent infringement lawsuit is a David versus Goliath battle, so we recommend keeping your litigation options open by drafting claims designed to allow you to select the adverse party. We strive to use plain language that can help juries understand the scope of your claims, and we work for a clean prosecution history to minimize susceptibility to attack. If your business demands, we can help you generate layers of patent protection to dissuade others from attempting to skirt your claims.


Launchpad Patents practices exclusively within the scope granted by our federal (USPTO) registration. An attorney candidate must agree not to engage in the practice of law outside this scope in conjunction with his or her relationship with Launchpad. Attorneys not registered to practice patent law: sorry, but we cannot provide services outside our scope of practice and likely cannot provide employment.