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Welcome to the redesigned and simplified Launchpad Patents website.  Check out our team to find out who we are. Take a look at the About section and what we strive to provide to understand our philosophies about client representation.

Besides working with a great team and with clients that we think of as family, one of my main sources of joy is to learn about great inventions and puzzle out how to protect them.  Every client and every invention gets my personal attention.  I am an inventor like you, and you can expect me to come to understand your inventions in a way that I’ve found to be rare among my peers.  I do this because deep understanding is one key to maximizing patentability and claim scope.  

Launchpad relies heavily on an internal process designed to minimize cost while maximizing quality.  Our process, which is a focus of continuous improvement, is intended to best leverage the capabilities of each team member who touches your patent application.  We hope and believe the result will be well tailored patents that provide the best available protection for your inventions, and a team with deep focus on your interests.

If you are an entrepreneur or innovator with ideas that can improve a process, save a life, or change the world, we are ready to help.


Chris Wiklof
Chris Wiklof
Founder and Agent