Gerald Pollack

Gerald Pollack

Gerald Pollack: Having dealt with Launchpad Patents since its inception several years ago, I can say that my experience has been uniformly satisfying. This is not only because of his excellent staff but also because Chris Wiklof is knowledgeable and experienced. He understands. He’s creative. He listens. And above all, he’s effective. Thanks to his insightful approach, several patent applications have been allowed. One of the most important ones, dealing with energy harvesting from light and water, in the process well before I started with Chris, took heroic efforts and keen strategizing to gain allowance. I was pleased.

Chris has an extensive background in chemical engineering. He knows that field deeply. I find, however, that he’s also knowledgeable in diverse areas as well, and if he’s not, he quickly picks up what he needs to know.

Chris is also trustworthy and reliable. I give him and Launchpad my highest recommendation.

Gerald H. Pollack
Professor of Bioengineering
University of Washington

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